Offense Defense
Type Strong Feeble Puny Immune Resistant Weak
Bug Dark Grass Psychic Fairy Fighting Fire Flying Ghost Poison Steel Fighting Grass Ground Fire Flying Rock
Dark Ghost Psychic Dark Fairy Fighting Psychic Dark Ghost Bug Fairy Fighting
Dragon Dragon Steel Fairy Electric Fire Grass Water Dragon Fairy Ice
Electric Flying Water Dragon Electric Grass Ground Electric Flying Steel Ground
Fairy Dark Dragon Fighting Fire Poison Steel Dragon Bug Dark Fighting Poison Steel
Fighting Dark Ice Normal Rock Steel Bug Fairy Flying Poison Psychic Ghost Bug Dark Rock Fairy Flying Psychic
Fire Bug Grass Ice Steel Dragon Fire Rock Water Bug Fairy Fire Grass Ice Steel Ground Rock Water
Flying Bug Fighting Grass Electric Rock Steel Ground Bug Fighting Grass Electric Ice Rock
Ghost Ghost Psychic Dark Normal Fighting Normal Bug Poison Dark Ghost
Grass Ground Rock Water Bug Dragon Fire Flying Grass Poison Steel Electric Grass Ground Water Bug Fire Flying Ice Poison
Ground Electric Fire Poison Rock Steel Bug Grass Flying Electric Poison Rock Grass Ice Water
Ice Dragon Flying Grass Ground Fire Ice Steel Water Ice Fighting Fire Rock Steel
Normal Rock Steel Ghost Ghost Fighting
Poison Fairy Grass Ghost Ground Poison Rock Steel Bug Fairy Fighting Grass Poison Ground Psychic
Psychic Fighting Poison Psychic Steel Dark Fighting Psychic Bug Dark Ghost
Rock Bug Fire Flying Ice Fighting Ground Steel Fire Flying Normal Poison Fighting Grass Ground Steel Water
Steel Fairy Ice Rock Electric Fire Steel Water Poison Bug Dragon Fairy Flying Grass Ice Normal Psychic Rock Steel Fighting Fire Ground
Water Fire Ground Rock Dragon Grass Water Fire Ice Steel Water Electric Grass

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  • 14/3/2018
    • experimenting with css/js compression for faster load times
  • 2/28/2018
    • Search engine optimisation/UX update
      • Simplified the URLs (address bar links) by dropping the '/pgo/' segment
      • Added a permanent redirect from the legacy '/pgo*' URLs to the breakpoint calculator homepage
      • Renamed the calculator and updated all text references
  • 2/9/2018
    • implemented auto-select for moves
      • best case scenario: the guess is correct (saves time and effort)
      • worst case: one or both moves have to be reselected (same amount of actions as before)
    • prepopulated attacker level with level 20
    • fixed ATK IV dropdown not being clickable/tapable at the rightmost edge
  • 1/25/2018
    • made more UI tweaks (longer form fields look better on windows based OS)
    • added weather boost info for attacks
    • fixed the delay when switching from raid bosses to regular defenders
  • 1/15/2018
    • fixed attacker level input not displaying placeholder and value on firefox (OSX)
    • added weather boosts
    • redesigned the UI slightly
  • 1/12/2018
    • updated for gen III
    • moved to a smaller server

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