I've been a software developer since 2014

Though I started off as a backend developer I quickly got interested in frontend as well, and specifically in performance optimization. I'm a firm believer that web page speed is a critical component in driving and maintaining user engagement with an obvious impact on product success.

2019 - present, full stack freelance developer

The Brush Stash, a webshop for luxury makeup brushes

Considering I had no experience in e-commerce this project was a great learning opportunity as well as a challenge. I was responsible for the frontend and backend while also figuring out payment gateway integration.

My first goal was to build a webshop from scratch because I "had to" know how it all works under the hood. The next objective was to make it fast. This is how I found out about WebP, the picture tag and source sets. It used to score in the mid 90s, but dropped slightly after the recent update which made Lighthouse audits more strict. But that's just new room for improvement!

Additionally, the client requested basic user, newsletter, and inventory management, promo codes, product reviews, multi-currency, dual language support, and more. I'll admit it was a bumpy ride as the deadline approached, but it all came together in the end and the shop has been operating happily ever since.

Navis, a clean website for a starting business

I got to further hone my frontend skills and try out Netlify to deploy Navis. The client requested the site to be pure HTML/CSS, which was actually refreshing.

"The breakpoint calculator", Pokémon Go tools created for personal use which eventually found widespread use within the global community

The calculator peaked in November 2018 with over 8500 monthly users and is still in use today. I’ve established a solid foothold in frontend and DevOps while creating and maintaining these tools.

Eager to be more efficient with in-game resources, I've built a tool which simplifies one of the few complicated mechanics in Pokémon Go. It started off looking like an ugly excel spreadsheet, but just like many Pokémon do, it evolved.

The first big step was the introduction of Bootstrap, as frontend was not my strong suit at the time. The next priority was making the site mobile friendly. Since then it's been through several iterations, the biggest of which was the... removal of Bootstrap. It wasn't easy to "redesign" the whole site and I still had to replace the icons, but couldn't decide what to use so I made my own with CSS.

When providing feedback, users usually brought up speed and ease of use as the main reason why they preferred my calculator to the competition.

April 2016 – July 2020, backend and frontend developer at PINKDROIDS

Profil Klett - IZZI, Profil Klett is one of Croatia’s largest book and digital content publishers

I’ve created several interactive physics simulations for high school students using Vue.js. While it's normally used to supplement the traditional curriculum, the platform is currently in use to support learning from home.

This was the closest I got to game development and overall it was quite fun!

US based company which works with landlords to design, build, and operate office space for other companies

Despite the complete switch to frontend I enjoyed implementing curious design ideas together with using a headless CMS and API to manage content. Everything was done with Node.js and React backed by TypeScript.

At times, it felt like a game between the devs and the designers. Could they come up with a design we couldn't pull off? They could not :)

Part of a public school enrollment platform

This was the most complex project I’ve been involved in, often featuring a mix of backend and UI tasks with accessibility in mind. The huge server-side was dealt with Python, Django and Django Rest Framework whereas the frontend was in React's capable hands.

Among other skills, understanding and application of CSS was a requirement. It's where I learned the importance of website styling and good UX.

A business situated in San Francisco with primary focus on hospitality, art, and humanitarian work

From building administration functionality to handling reservations and processing asynchronous credit card payments - this project was never in short supply of interesting assignments.

My debut with the amazing droids crew and a stepping stone to React, Django Rest framework, and unit testing.

April 2014 – March 2016, backend developer at Styria Digital Development

24sata, Croatia's leading news portal

Although brief, maintenance work on the news portal with the highest reach of unique users in Croatia provided valuable experience. I was responsible for fixing bugs and making sure deploys are properly executed in collaboration with Styria's DevOps team.

These activities eventually sparked interest into a whole new world and motivated me to start playing around with web servers and hosting on DigitalOcean.

Express, news portal

By now, I was experienced enough to tackle this project in the lead backend developer role. Like most Styria's sites at that time, the backend was done in Python and Django.

Apart from new insight into backend, I've got a first-hand taste of team dynamics.

Gastro, a culinary web portal

This was the very beginning of my software dev career and with Mislav Cimperšak's mentoring it couldn't have been a better start.

As a member of the backend team, I've contributed to Gastro's Python codebase and later took care of maintenance along with implementing the occasional new feature.